Frequently Asked Questions

  • What special circumstances (e.g. death, injury, etc.) may be considered in putting a scholarship on hold, termination or probation?

    A student will not forfeit a scholarship due to the death (including parent, sister, brother) or personal injury (involves extensive surgery and/or excessive hospitalization).

    • Scholarship funding will be suspended until the student returns to school. The student will have a limit of two semesters (fall and spring) to return to school and continue scholarship funding, unless the Texas FFA Foundation Executive Committee approves special arrangements.
    • Other circumstances that arise that could result in holding scholarship funds should be brought before the Texas FFA Foundation Executive Committee. The student should contact the Texas FFA Foundation offices for assistance with this matter.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Texas FFA Foundation should any special circumstances arise.
  • Can I hold my scholarship if I don't want to use it my first semester of college?

    You may do so by requesting approval from the scholarship administrator for holds 24 months after high school graduation. If you choose to hold your scholarship longer than 24 months you need to send a letter to the Foundation Executive Director. Be sure to state when you would like your scholarship funded and explain why you need to have your funds held.

  • Can I have my award scholarship distributed over more than one semester?

    If you have one award scholarship, the whole amount must be funded at once. If you have multiple award scholarships, you may choose to have each funded a different semester as long as they are completely funded within 24 months of high school graduation. A hold longer than 24 months can be requested in writing from the Foundation Executive Director.

  • Can I have the scholarship check sent directly to me?

    Yes, upon request the award scholarships which are paid in full may be paid directly to the student or sent to the college or university in which you are enrolled.

  • Who receives the original copy of the thank you letter?

    You must send the original thank you letter to your scholarship sponsor Need updated instructions here. Possibly link to 6.3.1 Scholarship Sponsors (the contact information for sponsors can be found by selecting your scholarship from "Scholarships" in the main menu at the top of the Foundation's website.) Please remember to keep a copy of your thank you letter and envelope to send to the Foundation with your acceptance agreement and other required documents.

  • Why do I need to complete, sign, and return an acceptance agreement?

    An acceptance agreement indicates that you have read the rules and regulations, and that you accept the terms of the scholarship. Also, it gives us your current contact information, should we need to request additional data from you to promptly fund your scholarship.

  • How many credit hours must I be enrolled in to be eligible to receive my funding?

    12 hours. 9 hours for graduate school.

  • Where do I send my acceptance agreement, class schedule, grade report, copy of the thank you letter and envelope?

    Original letter will be mailed to the scholarship sponsor. Copies of thank you notes and envelopes, grade reports, acceptance agreements, class schedules in jpeg or pdf format will be emailed to: Texas FFA Foundation 614 East 12th Street Austin, TX 78701 (512) 480-8047
  • When is the deadline to submit my acceptance agreement, upcoming semester class schedule, and completed semester's grade report?

    Award scholarship: complete, sign, and return an acceptance agreement by August 1st with proof of enrollment and photocopy of the thank you letter and envelope sent to the scholarship sponsor.

    Academic Scholarships: Check your policy for deadlines and requirements. Most scholarships are July 1st for fall funding and January 2nd for spring funding. (Note: the sooner before the deadline we receive your records, the sooner we can process the check to your university.)

  • What if I decide to change my major (this applies only to academic scholarship recipients)?

    If you should decide to change your major you must contact the scholarship administrator within 5 days of the change. If it is not on the approved list of majors, then you will be subject to loss of your scholarship.

  • What is the minimum semester G.P.A. I must maintain (this applies only to academic scholarship recipients)?

    Check your policy statement to be certain but most FFA scholarships require a 2.5 Current and Cumulative GPA.

  • What if I don't meet one or more of the requirements stated in the scholarship policy and memorandum of agreement?

    If you are an one-time award scholarship recipient, you risk forfeiture of funds. Check your policy. For most FFA academic scholarship recipients, you will receive a first warning with a semester-long probation with or without funding depending on the scholarship policy. A second warning will result in loss of the scholarship. Communicate with the scholarship administrator as soon as possible about the issue.

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