Our outstanding Texas FFA members are awarded over 200 scholarships each year, based on their impressive accomplishments and interview performance.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are set up in partnership with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Texas FFA Foundation partnership donors. These scholarships are awarded through the Texas FFA Association scholarship application process in the spring of each year. The winners of these scholarships are required to attend the scholarship luncheon and walk across the stage at the Texas FFA State Convention held in July. These scholarships vary between $2,000 - $20,000 and are dispersed over multiple semesters of college. Students must enroll in a Texas institution and apply through their local, district and area FFA chapters.

How To Claim

Award Scholarships

The Texas FFA award programs are real-life tests of what is learned in the classroom, through FFA and through a member's supervised agricultural experience programs (SAE). These awards encourage members and chapters to set specific and measurable goals and keep accurate records as they work toward those goals. Texas FFA students can receive recognition for their efforts as leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs within the field of agriculture. These awards help the FFA recognize members that are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

How To Claim

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The Texas FFA Foundation and The Texas FFA Association support and administer approximately $2 million a year in academic and award scholarships. Our organizations partner with scholarship sponsors to provide financial assistance for deserving Texas FFA students. Scholarships range from $2,000 - $20,000

Scholarship Opportunities

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